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OMD#1 - Hamburg, Germany

Event Profile: OMD #2

OMD#1 - Hamburg, Germany

About 4 months ago Salty Playground streamed it’s first Event: OMD #1.
In May we are back with the 2nd installment of this great tournament series hosted by pheX, Stivo and Chirou.

OMD is a regional tournament series located in the Hamburg area. The tournament can hold up to 60 player and has a expected outcome of around 40 players for this event.

In this article I will feature the top 4 players who have the best chance of getting 1st place. 3 of them already attended OMD #1 and placed 1-3 with Pasi clutching out an impressive win over Usleon after the bracket reset in Grand Finals.

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OMD#1 - Hamburg, Germany


OMD # 1 - One makes a difference, 32 Person Melee Event in Hamburg, Germany

Event Profile: OMD#1


As our first official event we are going to stream OMD#1.

What can you expect from the event?

OMD is designed as a regional  Super Smash Bros Melee series in northern Germany hosted by pheX.  The first installment features about 40 players from 5 different states.

Are there noteworthy players attending?

Yes, there are.

Featured Players:


Character Of Choice:

Hailing from Vienna (Austria) he was the best austrian Melee player before he moved to Hamburg (Germany) for his studies. He is currently 4th but used to rank 2nd behind Ice in the german powerranking up until the last national tournament in october where he suffered defeat from the hands of DancingQueen90 and Däumling.
Pasi plays extremely smart, his Fox isn’t flashy, yet consistent when it comes to techskill. His main trainingspartner and long time rival is pheX who hasn’t beaten him in a set once. Pasi is most likely to win OMD#1.

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