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Ares Vs Jeapie

Meet Vienna

Ares Vs Jeapie

Austria – who is you?

When Austria made their miracle run in the crew battle tournament at Heir 3 finishing with a solid second place behind Sweden many viewers in the crowd and on stream had one question on their mind. “Who are these guys?”

To bring some clarity we decided to put together this piece for you to get to know a rather hidden Melee community right from the (geographical) centre of Europe.

Pasi‘s smart low-input Fox has been around since 2007 and at his prime started making a name for himself – finishing with Top 8 placements at multiple EU “majors” of that time and reliably placing only behind Ice and kJaB at German events. With no real regional competition Pasi’s drive declined – eventually he put less time and effort into the game and took more breaks. He moved to Germany to study a few years ago, returning to his home town Vienna during the holidays to visit his family and keep up the tradition of winning a local while stopping by. However, the tradition got broken twice in a row now due to Pasi underestimating how much the rest leveled up.

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