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SiP – Smash im Pott, 100 Person Project M, Melee and Brawl Event in Duisburg, Germany


Event Profile: SiP (Smash im Pott)


What can you expect from the event?

Smash im Pott is a german national sized Event in Duisburg (west Germany) hosted by Purple~H, Billy McBillig and Hure mit Herz. The tournament features mainly Project M and is limited up to 100 persons. Super Smash Bros Melee and Brawl are side events.

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Are there noteworthy players attending?

There are quite a few for each game. Melee players include: Ice, Sixx, Timi, Däumling, Dr. Dead, Usleon, ZetTroxX and Yomi.

Notworthy Project M players include: quiKsilver, Relinquished and Tboy.

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