Salty Overlords:

UCK (Founder, Streaming)
UCK has been “smashing” since the days of Super Smash Bros 64 and played Melee since its release. He got involved in the german smash community in early 2008. His strong love for Smash and the community behind the game lead to the organization of germanys biggest german tournament “SMASH ATTACK” in 2009, with an attendance of over 120 players from 12 different countries it turned out to be one of europes major events for Melee and Brawl. Currently he is hosting a tournament series called OSmash and helps out at events he is attending with his experience in tournament organisation and by providing equipment to record and stream gameplay. With “Salty Playground” as a professional and centralised source of tournament coverage he hopes to give the european smash scene the professional appeal it deserves. He is administrator on the German Smash Boards.

Blayd (Streaming)

Blayd has been a member of the German Smash community since 2008. Starting with Brawl he switched to Melee in the summer of 2010 and has been active ever since. He is currently the major streamer and video uploader in Germany and responsible for most of the videos seen on the German Smash Youtube and Twitch channels. He is also administrator on the German Smash Boards.

King Funk (Social Media, Commentary)

King Funk got into the Smash community with Brawl in Portugal in 2008. Moving to Denmark in 2010 in order to begin his studies, he switched to Melee as it was more popular in Scandinavia. Throughout his smash career he has traveled to many countries around Europe and the world (including the US and Japan) to participate in tournaments and eventually started to organize his own series “King Funk’s Castle”. Ever since picking up other fighting games such as Street Fighter, Marvel and King of Fighters after Apex 2012, and having followed the larger Fighting Game Community long before that, King Funk makes it one of his goals to bridge the gap between the Smash community and other fighting games. He is now one of the writers on